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Secure Act 2.0 Top 10 Provisions

Congress recently enacted landmark retirement legislation known as SECURE ACT 2.0 will incentivize individuals to save for retirement while increasing access to workplace plans. The new law includes several provisions intended to benefit individuals and small business owners. Below is a summary of the Top 10 provisions of Secure Act 2.0: ENHANCEMENT OF TAX

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How Can Your Business Benefit from CCTV Surveillance?

It's nothing new to use video cameras to improve building security. Commercial CCTV cameras, often known as closed-circuit television systems, are recognizable to most individuals, and many security experts have worked with on-site company surveillance systems. However, the security industry is changing, and corporate security camera systems today have more possibilities than ever. How can

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Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Finding your dream home and affording your dream home can have a large chasm between the two. Fortunately, there are assistance programs that can make your dream home a reality. There are program requirements for each of the different assistance programs. The fun part of my job is to let my clients know that there are

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Discreet Cosmetic Studio Offers A Non-Invasive Hair Loss Solution

While most do not consider aesthetic treatments for balding as a medical hair loss solution, one Florida-based cosmetic artist strongly does. Discreet Cosmetic Studio offers a non-invasive hair loss solution, the only 100% effective procedure for all types of hair loss. Continue reading to learn more. Aesthetician Viviana Escobar-Burg is the founder of Discreet Cosmetics Studio, which

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Why Security Management is Important for Your Business

The need for security is very evident today. From securing your assets to the safety of people working in your organization, business owners must be mindful when planning a security system for their company. More than a security system, importance should be given to the service provider, how well they can take care of

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The Importance of Maintaining Good Credit When Buying a Home

Borrowers often do not realize the importance of their credit score when purchasing a home. High credit scores receive the lowest mortgage rates. It is an indication that a borrower will pay back the lender. I educate my clients on the importance of maintaining good credit by consistently paying their bills on time and not going

We Can Get The Deal Done!

Banks are beginning to get a little nervous. I know this because our volume of new deal flow has doubled in the last week. Commercial Capital Limited is one of the largest commercial lending brokers in the Southeastern United States. Whenever I get super busy, the banks get a little nervous. But we are AGGRESSIVELY Lending. If

The Top 5 Yoga Myths Debunked

Have you ever fallen for one of these yoga myths? If so, which one? This article will debunk the top 5 yoga myths and replace fiction with fact.  But first, you've heard about all of yoga's benefits: Getting strong Getting toned Getting de-stressed Feeling younger Unfortunately, you've probably heard some of the trash talk about yoga too:

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