The Power of Email Newsletters

The Power of Email Newsletters to Drive More Business


We all receive email marketing newsletters every week from a variety of companies. But how many of these newsletters do you open, respond to, let alone read? At Bizography, Inc., we offer our clients tips to help them use the power of email newsletters to drive more business.

Emails give you the chance to build rapport and nurture prospects while securing your existing customers’ success. Various brands commonly send out newsletters because they allow businesses to engage with customers and generate leads. But designing an effective newsletter is far from easy.

First, create a Subject line that piques the interest of the reader to open the email. Secondly, make your message short, catchy, and to the point. Next, ensure you spell out what’s in it for your reader, and remember to use pictures. Finally, have a clearly defined call to action.

Lisa, a marriage counselor, noticed an uptick in appointments once we consistently emailed her marriage tip newsletter to her current and past clients. Her newsletters were informative and gave couples a task to try with their spouse. On more than one occasion, her tips prompted a scheduled appointment. Ultimately, we were able to help Lisa understand the power of email newsletters to drive more business for her practice.

If you are a small business owner looking for creative ways to use email marketing to convert leads, re-engage old customers, and drive more business, connect with us to learn how Bizography, Inc. can help.

Contributing author, Trent Phillips, Bizography, Inc. – Web Design and Digitial Marketing Services