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The Importance of Maintaining Good Credit When Buying a Home

Borrowers often do not realize the importance of their credit score when purchasing a home. High credit scores receive the lowest mortgage rates. It is an indication that a borrower will pay back the lender. I educate my clients on the importance of maintaining good credit by consistently paying their bills on time and not going

We Can Get The Deal Done!

Banks are beginning to get a little nervous. I know this because our volume of new deal flow has doubled in the last week. Commercial Capital Limited is one of the largest commercial lending brokers in the Southeastern United States. Whenever I get super busy, the banks get a little nervous. But we are AGGRESSIVELY Lending. If

The Top 5 Yoga Myths Debunked

Have you ever fallen for one of these yoga myths? If so, which one? This article will debunk the top 5 yoga myths and replace fiction with fact.  But first, you've heard about all of yoga's benefits: Getting strong Getting toned Getting de-stressed Feeling younger Unfortunately, you've probably heard some of the trash talk about yoga too:

Which Yoga Props Should I Use?

If you've ever walked down the fitness aisle of a department store, you've probably seen a yoga block, yoga mat, or yoga strap for sale. Have you been curious if you need them to practice yoga? You most likely asked yourself, which yoga props should I use? It can be confusing, and it's all right to feel

Why You Should Hire Trained Security Guards

Businesses must confront the reality that thefts and other crimes can occur in their facilities. Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks, and retail stores, may be more attractive to crooks and petty thieves than others, although many enterprises hire security guards. Deployed guards help deter crime, keep people safe, and assist customers and staff.

Has a Banking Institution said “No” to your business loan request?

Commercial Lending Do you know alternative funding options and solutions if your bank has turned you down for a start-up loan or enhancements for your established business? Do you have a commercial lending broker or financial consultant on your contact list? If not, here is why you should select a lending source today. The

Tips for Upcoming Open Enrollment

It’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming Affordable Care Act “Open Enrollment” season. This article will provide tips for upcoming open  enrollment and examine: Open Enrollment for “under age 65” Affordable Care Act/Marketplace Plans Special Enrollment Period for Qualifying Life Events Enrolling in Self-Funded Healthcare Plans    Open Enrollment It will

Are Schools Going to the Dogs?

It's back to school for kids across America. This year, along with our children running around on two feet, you might also see an increase in our four-footed canine companions on campus. You may wonder, are schools going to the dogs? Dogs are increasingly finding their way on our campuses and classrooms for several reasons that

Stretch Marks: Is There a Way to Remove Them Permanently?

Stretch marks are indented, reddened streaks that usually appear on the skin from rapid weight gain or weight changes. If you have stretch marks, is there a way to remove them permanently? Please keep reading to find out about our treatment plan. It may look like this:  Indented streaks or lines on the abdomen,

Am I Breathing Right?

Have you heard this joke? A yoga student approaches his teacher and asks, "Am I breathing right?." The teacher asks, "How old are you?." The student answers, "I'm 37 years old." The teacher responds, "If you've made it to 37, I think you're breathing right."  I'm Brian Friedman, the founder of Winter Garden Yoga. I know the

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