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Shergroup provides corporate security services to businesses and educational institutions. We assist you in your security service needs from start to finish.  We start with risk assessing your site or property for the security you really need. We will provide you with a short written report on how security services at your site can be improved or strengthened to give you the coverage and flexibility you need.  If we see ways to strengthen the security operation, such as access controls, and CCTV then we add that into the overall plan.

We offer a unique combination of services to make us a fully integrated security provider. You can buy all your security services from one vendor who will measure and manage your dollars to give you the best security operation that fits your budget. Clients use us when they need regular security guarding, or to protect a property subject to trespassing. Our thorough risk assessment of your property is carried out in person or from internet research.   Once the risk assessment is confirmed we will know the type of security you will need to provide a safe and strong security presence. Contact us today to learn more.