An upcoming billboard art exhibition will spice up I-4 with the works of Orlando area artists

Local arts organization the Corridor Project is inviting Orlando area artists to make the I-4 commute less of a soul-sucking grind by treating roadside billboards like art galleries, and there’s still time to apply to participate.

The Corridor Project’s Billboard Exhibition is repurposing the advertising billboards along select stretches of I-4 from humdrum advertising fodder into something aesthetically pleasing to look at during the daily commute (it sure as hell beats furtive glances at your phone).

Led by Central Floridian arts signal-booster Patrick Greene, the Billboard Exhibition is turning 30 billboards along I-4 over to 30 local artists. The “exhibition” will run from Jan. 1-31, 2022.

Eleven artists have already been selected by Greene, and 19 will be selected through an open call to artists overseen by Greene and the Downtown Arts District that is now in its final week.…